Ms. Reshama  Mahavar, A 16 years old girl of a construction labour, is now studying in class 12 (Science Bio), was living with her parents and 6 brothers and sisters in a house skeleton. She was the first student of our Free Education Centre. She wanted to become IAS.  

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Human Life Foundation organizes different kinds of social and charitable activities in slums on time to time. many people and underprivileged children get benefited out of these. 

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Media coverage of our cause is important because it can help establishes legitimacy of our group and its activities. It can encourage you even further to get involved with our charitable projects. 

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To support slum children



To educate needy children in difficult circumstances especially runaway, orphan, homeless and street children.

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To run a Nasha Mukti Abhiyan to established a tobacco and beer/wine free society.

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Eradicate Hunger

To eradicate hunger and malnutrition by serving a nutritional meal for needy.

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Health Awareness

To run a health and hygienic awareness campaign in underprivileged areas.

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Women Empowerment

To work for the gender equality, protection of girl child and women empowerment.

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Vedic Culture Preservation

To preach, protect, preserve and revive the Ancient Vedic Culture of India.

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Scientific Sprituality & Yoga

To propagate Yoga and scientific spiritual for the shake of human society.

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Healthcare Support

To provide healthcare and medical support for those who have been suffering from sorrows.

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Help Needy

To relieve the deprived, sick, downtrodden, aged and make them happy.

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Hemraj Chaturvedi


Ramesh Kumar

Chairman - School Governing Board

Vishwa Bhushan Shrivastav

Chairman - Finance Management Committee

Vishnu Kumar Vimal